Friday, April 6, 2012

Why I might just buy all phones from Best Buy from now on

Tuesday I lost my beloved Ice Cream Sandwich.  We were out in the yard burning the Ivy that we tore off the house last week, I had my phone in the pocket of my sweat shirt. While moving some out lying ivy into the fire I dropped my phone.  Let me just say, raking through coals and seeing "Motorola" is a sickening experience.  I completely freaked out because I have a full month (today actually) before I have a phone refresh coming. My dreams of being able to wait for an I phone 5 or a real ICS build or...or...were crushed. Now I have to get what I can afford, and that will limit money for the next "precious".

And then I remembered, "I have Black Tie Accident Protection on my phone!" My joy was full. I could get another Atrix 4G and continue enjoying my ICS pleasantly awaiting something better. I jumped in the car and flew over to Best Buy (happy not to see any police because I drove a little too fast). Stopped by the phone counter where they said, "OK, let me go pull up your black tie receipt...". A few minutes later though My hopes were again dashed. A stern looking young woman came over and declared "You have a warranty but it does not cover catastrophic failures. You can call them and stop paying for it though." Tears began to well up in my eyes. I started looking at go phones, and was struggling with the notion of dropping $130 on  a phone plus $50 on a plan for 1 month just so I could drop $200 on a new that doesn't sound right. It can't be like that, I didn't just waste $100 on insurance, please tell me I didn't.

one of the helpful Best Buy associates recommended that I go over to the AT&T store and plead my case, after all I was a good customer, I only had 30 days before I was eligible for a phone, they might cut me some slack and get something for me.  So, I did, and THEY DID! suddenly I was faced with an impossible decision, pick a phone right now without doing any research. I couldn't even look them up on my phone because I HAD NO PHONE AAARD!!!! I decided I needed to come home and do a little research, and they agreed to let me buy a phone later in the week. I was seriously considering getting an I phone 4S for Heidi, she has not jumped quite as far on the android boat as I have , and she still has an I pad so she has lots of games, and things that will work on an I phone...yeah that's what I'll do. I'll take her phone, she can have the new phone, we are up for another phone in December...all is good.

Then Heidi says to me in the car, "if they cover dropping your phone in the toilet, why won't they cover dropping it in a fire?"  Methinks she has a point, after all it still turns on. and it still receives calls (yes after seeing the boot animation I couldn't resist trying to call the phone.)  I got online, and read the BTAP policy and it does state, that it covers "accidental damage under normal use conditions" OK, that sounds like having your phone in your pocket while doing yard work. So, I called them, and the girl says to me, well if it turns on then that is not a catastrophic failure, so take it into the store.

I walk into the store this afternoon almost unable to hope because I am so scared to be shot down again. I walk up to the Black Tie desk and explain that "my phone mostly works, still turns on and everything, but I need to exercise my extended warranty" The "geek" mouth agape nods his head and completely awe struck at the carnage which is my phone, along with the lovely unlock slider. He walks me over to the mobile phone desk and says "hook this guy up with a new phone."  They even provide me with a loaner phone  (I phone 3g) while the current one is being replaced.

Long story short. Black Tie Service gets 5 stars.

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