Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Phone update

Got My new phone :-) once I put the battery in, (sent it back without one, and ordered the replacement a different way), it started to hard reset :-( The wifi chip doesn't work at all, it just says "error" under wifi settings. Every time I plug it into a power source it hard cores. I updated the Rom to the latest version, no difference.

I got my data off of it and my microsd card and sent it back to the Geek Squad, Got an iphone 4 loaner. It's a pretty phone, but call quality is not as good as my motarola, and ios 5 is no Ice Cream Sandwich ... although this white iphone kind of looks like an ice cream sandwich, wonder what it tastes like ...

New, New phone should be here on Friday according to the guys at BB. No longer holding my breath. The good news is that if this one doesn't work then I get a $600 in store credit to buy the phone of my choice. Now to decide between the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, and the HTC Vivid; decisions decisions.

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