Who am I?

There are those who call me...Tim!
I am:
  • A husband (I probably should do better at that :-)
  • Father of 7 Beautiful adopted children
  • A self proclaimed "Geek" (the computer kind, not the kind that bites the heads off of things at a freak show)
  • Foster Father
  • Adoption advocate
  • A Mac (and a PC some days when I have to be, but mostly a Mac)
  • A Gardener (intensive gardening)
  • A former Golf professional (I was never really all that good but it was fun for a while)
  • A Python junkie (did you know that the first version of Google was written in python?)
  • Tech toy addict
  • A Facebook slacker (I only use it when I need something)
  • An early adopter
  • A barefoot runner
  • A bowyer/Archer
  • A hammock camper
  • The resident pancake cook (sometimes other things but always the pancakes)
  • and many other things I haven't mentioned yet.