Thursday, June 11, 2009


I re-fed the beast on Monday and it is already starting to compost very well. It smells nice and earthy, and it is already starting to change color. You can see the leaves breaking down with the grass. Take note of the PVC pipe that helps break up the compost as you turn it. and note the holes in it for aeration.

Three sisters update

The corn is about 5 inches tall and we planted the beans, you can see all four corn and all four beans in this square. Note the zucchini leaf creeping in to the picture. The boys and I planted a vining zucchini in this square. You can also see the 3/4 inch porous soaker hose on the left....

This is the opposite corner of the same square. you can see that some of the corn came up really quick and so it is as high as a foot tall. We are having a problem with the birds, they love the cotyledon leaves on the beans. I actually watched one clip one of the leaves off of one.
We will see how they turn out. it is fun to see this stuff growing up.

When we planted the beans I also planted about 75 purple bush beans so hopefully we will have lots of beans to pickle and freeze.
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