Sunday, March 18, 2012

First chlorophyl of the season.

5 days ago, I planted the Lettuce and the Mesclun and today they are coming up.  They are loving the vermicompost (my office smells like Oregon). Hopefully we will have some tasty greens to eat soon. The plan is to plant more greens outside in about 2 weeks under the hoop house. They will take a bit longer to really go because of the colder environment but they should do fine along with the snow peas. That way just as these indoors are about to bolt, the greens outside will be ready to go. then it will be time to plant summer lettuce between the tomatoes to extend the salads another month or two. 
We also spent the afternoon planting the nightshades and melons. 

Cherokee Purple - By far my favorite, these just scream BLT, but they are a bit late coming so they are not our only tasty one.
Brandywine - potato leaf that made heirloom tomatoes come back in style. These should mature a little before my CPs.
Yellow Pear - Mom's favorite, I have at least one plant for you...
San Marzano - Roma like, these are the ones that the Italians seem to prefer. Got a bunch of these, planning lots of sauce.
Violet Jasper or Tsi Bi U - These are the big experiment. It is my first Chinese tomato, small, early and prolific, they are beautiful striped tomatoes...just not sure how they will taste?

For the peppers:
Hungarian Wax - These are large yellow anaheim shade peppers, not too hot, but they do bring a little heat.
Chinese Giant Bell - Green bells that turn red late in the season if we leave them on the vine long enough.
California Wonder Bell - these are your supermarket style green bell peppers but with out of the garden taste.
Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper - Sweet peppers (pizza bound for sure) and very prolific. I am really looking forward to these.

Finally the Melons:
Georgia Rattlesnake Watermelon - Potential lunker melons known for their flavor. New to us.
Thanks Reimer seeds for the image
Moon and Stars Watermelon - The kids picked this one out because it looked like my kind of "odd plant" it is a pretty yellow fleshed watermelon. Great experiment!

If that sounds like a lot, check out the pic:
 Here is the setup with the lights down

 Anyway, I guess we are really on our way in the garden again this year. Cold weather crops next, like peas and lettuce, root veggies shortly there after. Squash in about a month...Anyone got an extra half an acre for heirloom corn? I want to try "bloody butcher" for some red cornbread and tortillas, but Heidi is set on the Aztec blue...I wonder why?

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