Friday, April 8, 2011

What happens when you go away for a week

So I spent a week in the UK, and this is what I have come back to:

The tomatoes are going great guns. We have some unexpected potato leaf heirlooms, want to see what these are, we may have a new variety to try to stabilize over the next few years. We planted 6 heirloom varieties from a single packet (don't know what each seed was) but none of them should have been PL so this is pretty exciting. PL plants are supposed to be hardier, the most famous PL heirloom is Brandywine. All the rest are Regular Leaf so we will have to wait to see how our numbers break down.

These squash plants are getting too tall for the lights, I will have to rig something better up. These are mostly yellow straight neck and butternut squash (mmm that makes me want soup).

Here are the tomatillos, pumpkins and watermelons. I am amazed that even teh watermelons are taking off, Steph is excited about those.

It is amazing how fast things grow, I was only gone a week and look at all we have coming up.
Next year, I think I will wait a few weeks on the squash, only the tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos and melons will go in this early.

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