Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 days and 10 inches

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last pictures. We have re-done the light stand and added another shop light because things are growing so fast. I am going to have to move much of this out to the cold frame very soon or we will be way over grown. The tomatoes are already growing into each other and the squash have blocked out the light completely.

The squash plants are now 1-12 inches high. I actually see buds forming on them, we may have squash blossoms to eat even before we get them outside.

The tomatoes have all been transplanted taking all their height from them (the stems of tomatoes will grow more roots so we bury as much as we can) and they are still 4-8 inches tall and they need to be separated so that the roots don't grow from one peat pellet to the next.

Here you can see more tomatoes and the peppers and tomatillos are about 10 inches tall too.Amazingly in about 10 days, we have gone from 1-2 inch seedlings to 10-12 inch seedlings. I never would have thought we would get an inch a day indoors under shop lights.

Time to get the cold frame going so we can move these guys out of here. I also think I am going to have to buy more cookie sheets to hold all of these, maybe those all-a-dollar ones will work.

Raspberries should be here any day, I need to get started on those boxes!

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