Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Clorophyl

I started to call this "First Blood" but really it is plants so...
Here is a shot of the Grow Lab. $15 shop light from Home Depot, some biodegradable peat starter cups, a few not so biodegradable plastic cups on the other side, some worm castings from last year and good times! Oh and I splurged and purchased a heating pad to warm them up, since they won't sprout until they think the soil will stay in the 80s (and I am not keeping upstairs in the 80s (sorry Stephany).
First Tomatoes to break through. These are from the Heirloom mix but not really sure what they will be in the end.
First WEED! this one was in one of the heirloom starts but it doesn't look like any tomato plant I have ever seen. I will kill it with extreme prejudice!
But here is the real winner, This is one of Matt's cilantro plants. First one really up, it even beat the weed. 4 days to sprout is pretty good.
So They are getting started and looking fun. we will have to see what happens when the squash come up in a few days since they will be much bigger.

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