Friday, August 7, 2009

Is that a zucchini in your hands?

The Boys planted the Zucchini and the squash this fall, we grabbed a few and took a some pics with their squash. These are only a few (there were 11 plants with one to three squash on each one), and the two spaghetti squash plants have 12 squash between them.

We have also been picking tomatoes like crazy the past few days. This is the first Kelloggs Breakfast. When I brought it inside Brayden asked if it was a pumpkin! We sliced it up, seeded it (we have seeds fermenting for the KB and an Ananas Noire right now). It was fabulous with real tomato flavor with sweet and citrus overtowns.

Yes that is a picture of it next to the iphone, this was a huge tomato!

I will post something in the next little while about the tomato seed saving process. with some pictures of each stage.

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