Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Tomato Fest

Super 100 cherry tomatoes are just starting to com on.
There are 4 plants and there are tons of tomatoes on each one. Matt and Jed had the first ones.

This is the Blondkopfchen. there are far fewer fruits, because they did not set too well. we probably have 50 or so (but theere were well over 200 blossoms). I ate the first one a few days agoand it was fabulous

To the left we have the purple cherokee, filling out pretty well. This is actually the smallest plant of the three. it is a little stundted because the Kellogs Breakfast(below) shot up so quick and shaded it a little.
The KB here is huge!! this one fills my whole hand. They are doing well even I let them go a little too long before their pruning so we did not get too many fruit.

This first of the Ananas Noire you can see that it is changing shades in that funky multi colored way. it is actually almost ripe, and the center will be black. These three did very very well, and they are right among the tomatillos that are toing great!!!!

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