Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Spent a few minutes in the garden today and just wanted to share an update.

About 80% of the corn is up on the south side (first on just came up today on the North side), the brocolini is coming up, the beets are finally coming up, and we have lots of tomato plants in.  we also have lots of volunteer potatoes coming up.  The boys zucchini came up yesterday and we are almost ready to put in the beans.  The grapes are looking great and I am way excited. . . maybe some white jelly this year!

The compost is doing well, and I expect to have a batch ready next week or so.

I will take a few pictures and get them up in the next few days. 

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Aaron said...

Awesome blog. Let's see some pictures of the 3 sisters corn. I'm interested in seeing how that is coming along.