Monday, May 18, 2009

Rotating Composter

So $60 and several hours later we have a tumble composter.  The idea is that this sits in the sun to get nice and warm, and then gets rotated daily in order to keep the content aerated and keep the aerobic fauna working on it.  This one is built with a plastic barrel, 1 inch galvanized conduit, some PVC fittings, some 2x6 lumber for a stand and a few scraps of lumber.

Shots from the top and bottom of the lid with the conduit through it and the 2x6 support.

Shots through the door at the yummies inside.  The PVC struts offer, handles on the outside for turning the pile, and they help break up the compost.  Note the holes in the struts to help with aeration.

From the outside with the straps keeping the door closed.  In two weeks we should have some yummies to show.

Update... After 2 days the compost smells like great hummus.  exciting

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