Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The hoop house is made of PVC pipe, it stands about 5 feet high and 4 feet wide, covering the 4x12 square foot bed. There is now (not visible in the picture) another 12x4 box to the right of this one so we can do a large hoop house this winter including both beds. We will move the hoops to the new bed to warm up the soil before we plant the warm weather plants (tomatoes, and peppers especially).

Here are the peas a few weeks ago. They are just starting to take off in this picture. The box is filling in very well now, most all of the peas are up.

The Grapes are going crazy.
We have buds coming out everywhere. This is finally year three for the grapes so we should be getting real grapes this year. These are from the himrod, but the Fire red and the Candice are also looking really good.

I will nab a few pictures of the rhubarb that is also coming along very well and put them up there. I also will take a few pics of the new box.

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