Sunday, April 19, 2009

OK Spring is here, time to start posting again

Spent several hours today assessing things.  We are re-doing the middle beds this year into one 3x12 bed, that will have the warm weather plants in it.  Last year the morning glory took hold in those beds and the soil was awesome, but it has to go.  I screened the soil from one whole bed for hours this morning.  A few interesting observations:  Morning Glory gets everywhere!  We have tons of worms in our soil.  there were a few that could have been red wigglers from our worm bin, but mostly night crawlers that are coming up into the friable soil.  It's a great thing, they bring lots of added nutrients and keep the soil well draining.

I still have one bed to screen out, and it is already getting green and leafy, much more morning glory to purge.  We got a free bail of peat moss from Home Depot because the bag was damaged.  hopefully we can get one more. then the new bed will be alternating layers of last year's soil, the over wintered compost, and peat moss, should be a great lasagna bed.

More to come later :)

I so forgot to say "THANK YOU!!!" 
  • To Danny for all the help gathering more rocks on on Saturday.  We got a full load of rocks in Danny's truck and brought them to the house to cover the muddy part of the drive.  
  • To Tracy for coming to cut up the branches with his extending saw.  
  • To Tim Hunt for taking away so many of the branches (and for the book).
Without all your help we never could have done it in one day.  "thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!"

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