Monday, April 27, 2009

MMM seeds

Seeds came today, I actually got two free additional seed packs. We received a brandywine cherry, that is a genetic mutation on the brandywine beefsteak. so tastes like a beefsteak, but smaller fruit in clusters like a cherry tomato and it is a potato leaf so it should be very hardy. The other is an old Russian heirloom, called 117 (to distinguish it from all the other heirloom tomatoes called "Russian", this one is regular leaf, and has varying fruit, with vertical striations. Flavor is supposed to be good also.

So the sprouts are started, and we just need to figure out where to put them all!

I also bought 12 bags of mulch/potting soil/compost from Home Depot today for $4.50. all of the bags were ripped, and so the customer service rep gave them to me cheap. This will be great for my herb towers (future post).

You can check out the map of the garden and the current speculation of where things will go here: Naylor Garden

Check it out, comment here (especially reasons that Heidi should let me take out that one little walnut tree :-) so that we can decide. BTW I do have several seeds left, but I have only planted a few more than we are planning (only enough for germination issues) so if you did not tell me what varieties you are interested in, then I did not plant any seeds for you. Let me know so that I can get them going right away. Seed lists are in this post and in the Naylor Garden doc.

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