Thursday, April 23, 2009

Latest Spring Veggies

So  a cat got into our 4x12 raised bed several nights in a row (while the hoop house was over it) and decided to use it for it's litter box.  it dug up the peas, the mesclun, the bib lettuce, and some of the carrots.  

I re-planted 12 feet of peas two weeks back and they are now about 3 inches tall.  There are 2 volunteer peas growing in the midst of the other 4x4 beds, but I just planted over them today...they can share a few inches :-)

Today we (Bella and I) put in 4 feet of spring mix lettuce(4 per foot & 2 seeds per hole), 8 feet of yellow onions (9 per foot & two seeds per hole),  4 feet of carrots (16 per foot & 2ish seeds per hole), 8 feet of spinach (4 per foot & 2 seeds per hole).  Heidi loves her spinach!!!

As I was planting the carrots I pulled up a few "weeds" and then thought "These may be carrots from before the cat..."  so I ate one.  Definitely carrots!  We also have a few volunteer mesclun growing amid the 12 feet of peas.  We still have 8 feet in that bed for something.  I think we are going to put in beets and turnips so that we can have Garden Borscht in a few months, as well as some yummy beet greens.

Looks like the top will have to go back on the hoop house tomorrow, so I will take some pictures and get them up here.

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