Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I ordered more seeds today!

I may have gone a little over board.  I ordered 200 tomato seeds today :D
We got eight varieties from http://tatianastomatobase.com along with baby blue Hubbard squash seeds and sugar baby watermelon seeds.

So here is the breakdown (25 seeds of each variety)

Beefsteak - These are the big slicing tomatoes, great for fresh sauces and eating right off the vine:
Ananas Noire - Black & yellow multi color, prized for it's sweet flavor with mild acid overtones.
Aunt Gertie's Gold - Yellow fruit, potato leaf (more hardy) outstanding flavor.
Cherokee Green - Large amber green fruit, Outstanding flavor (the Cherokees are some of the most sought after tomatoes around
Kellogg's Breakfast - Orange fruit, on the forums this is the only fruit more prized than the Cherokees.

Paste Tomatoes - These are the "Roma" like for sauces and canning:
Tom Patti's Italian Paste - Red fruit, this is the real deal, the Italian tomato for sauces
VB Russia - Pink fruit, impressive yield, excellent flavor

Long Keeper - keep them on the shelf several months (garden tomatoes in a salad for Christmas!!)
Garden Peach - Gold, fuzzy fruit - Andean heirloom from the 1600s

Chery Tomatoes - The only hybrid in the bunch but it is a derivative of the Sun Seeds F1 Hybrid
SunSugar - Bright orange fruit, outstanding sweet/tart fruit flavor.  Everyone I have talked to raves about this cherry tomato!

So, I will start the seeds as soon as they arrive.  I anticipate that we will have a few more than we will be using so if you want a tomato plant, put in your order early so that I can grow the right amount of each one.

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