Sunday, October 5, 2008

Been a long time

Sorry it has been so long since I have reported. The reality is that I am just lame, I haven't updated because I am weak. So here is the update: We have been eating absolutely lucious tomatoes for weeks, only one of the lemon boys survived the neibor kids but we had early girls and beefsteaks. We have 5 huge pumpkins, and 1 little one that have taken over most of the yard. We actually got 2 clusters of grapes off of our brand new Fire vine and they were F - A - B - U - L - O - U - S! Our summer squash was so wonderful that someone pilfered it. We have winter squash on the verge of coming to our table. We had great blackberries this year (First year they produced). We had our first potatoes today and they were wonderful.

This has been a pretty fun experiment. We had traditional square foot raised beds, lasagna beds, even potatoes in straw. Some things worked, others did not. Like when Heidi called me and said that I needed to get the book "How to eat fried worms" because my worm bin cooked in the first heat wave of the summer. BTW there are some worms still thriving in the bin, and I need to get some of that vermicompost out for next year. The Lasagna beds fared better than the Mel's Mix beds but that probably had more to do with the water that they got than the soil (or rather the poor watering that the Mel's Mix got).

Anyway, sorry that this took so long to come and I hope to put together some more soon.