Saturday, May 3, 2008

Vermiculture, wrangling worms for fun and profit!

OK, maybe not profit, but I am trying a little worm farming. I built a worm bin based on this design, and I bought 2 lbs of red worms (No Eric you can’t come by to get some for fishing, these little guys are too small.) The bin is in my office for now as it is still getting pretty cold at night, but I hope to move it outside in a few weeks when it warms up a little more. I have read that the worms can eat half their body weight in food every day. So my little colony should be able to eat about a pound a day.

So far mine have been eating left over rice, moldy bread, some clean crushed eggshells, potato peals and the like. Heidi says that they really “stink” but I think it smells like Oregon. More specifically I think it smells like an old forest. The worms seem to be finally adjusting to their new home. I am hoping that as the real gardening season starts I can start harvesting worm casts. I also understand that worms are self regulating, meaning that they will reduce or increase their numbers based on their food supply so I am going to try to feed them heavily and hope that they multiply quickly.

And so on to another adventure growing red worms in my office in order to feed my garden.

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