Monday, May 5, 2008

Vermiculture, Vermicompost, worms and rotting table scraps

So lots of you asked "Why worms???" The answer is "The Garden" of course. One of the most important pieces of a Square Foot or Lasagna garden is compost. In order to provide sufficient nutrients in an organic garden like this you have to harvest organic matter and break it down in order to feed the plants. We are trying a few different methods for composting (I anticipate at least one more method before the year is up). We have a compost pile on the west side of the house and we have a couple of pounds of worms.

The idea is that, in the compost pile, microorganisms, digest the plant material and break it down to rich black fertilizing soil. In the worm bed, the micro organisms start the process and work with the worms to digest the food and produce worm casts (which look like black sand and are also very nutritious organic fertilizer for our plants). The worms break down the nutrients quickly, a pound a day when our little worm bed gets up and going. while the same amount of kitchen scraps in the compost pile would take at least 6 weeks.

So, "Why worms?" because I want to get better compost faster. At some point we will probably try a tumble composter which is also supposed to be quicker, but not just yet. The boys getting to feed worms in my office is just an added bonus!

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you just say worm poop. They eat... they poop. You then put it on your veggies then you eat them. IN the words of Tay "YUCKY!"