Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pics of the garden

Ok it is time to get some of these pictures up here.

These are the three square foot beds on the north side of the house. Notice the bucket of sun warmed water next to the left bed. Over on this side we will have 9 tomato plants, most of them are early girls on this side, but a couple of better boys and lemon boys. This is where we planted the pumpkins too so that they can sprawl out over what probably should be our driveway.

These are the first two radishes that have come up on their own. They are planted in the left box over on this east side. We are still waiting for pumpkins, and carrots to come up over on this side.

Here are the beds on the South side of the house. You can see the potato bed covered in hay, the three 4x4 raised beds, and the back bed that right now has just a couple of squash in it and twenty two squares of corn. once the corn comes up, we will add some pole beans to that bed. The beans add nitrogen to the soil, for the corn which are heavy feeders. The beans can climb the stalks of the corn. and the squash acts as a ground cover. This is known as a three sisters bed.

Here is the left lasagna bed. you can see the tomatoes, Yellow Boys and Early Girls. The Yellow bush beans are in down there also. You will notice that I planted the toms with a row behind them. We have some shade mix greens that we will plant behind the toms so that they will get some shade throughout the hot months of the summer.

Here you can see our very first potato to grow up through the hay. There are a couple of others that are almost out, but they didn't photograph as well.

I had hoped to post a picture of the raised bed that I made for Mom's Mother's Day gift. But the picture did not show up. Apparently I didn't really take a picture. So I will have to take a picture of that and get it up shortly.

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That looks great Tim! Now you can help Danny????