Saturday, May 24, 2008

Good Times

Kelly and Danny have a an area East of their driveway that is covered with rocks. They are going to put some sod down there, so last week I started hauling rocks back to our yard to put down on the paths between our boxes and to clean up the way things look a little bit. when you only have 2 twenty gallon buckets to bring rocks home it, it doesn't go very fast even with a couple of trips in the same night. Dad let us borrow the truck, so we spend what seemed like hours loading rocks into the wheel barrow and then dumping them into the bed tarp we had protecting the bed.

We filled a few buckets full and put them down the window wells (poor Danny had to get down into each one to dump the buckets and spread the rocks out). Then we filled the wheel barrow again and put it in the back of the van with both of the buckets. What a long afternoon. I do have to say though, we got everything unloaded and I spent twenty minutes or so spreading out the easy stuff. and the rock looks great! I am excited to see things getting cleaned up and actually feeling like I can take pictures of the Garden again (without the two foot high crabgrass that is going to seed blocking out the boxes!!!).

I will snap a few more pictures soon so you all can see how nice it is turning out.

Big (huge) props to Danny and Kelly for all their help (and the rocks.) I think my arms would have fallen off if we would have done it alone.

Update: 5/25
I thought I would not be able to move today, but actually I fell pretty good, it's amazing how a little regular exercise can make your body able to recover more effectively.

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Brother and Sister Harker said...

Hey your helping us out too by getting those rocks out of here! Your yard is looking great!