Saturday, May 3, 2008

Getting Started

So I have been contemplating for a long time what to write about. Heidi is blogging about the boys and doing a great job. So I am working on other subjects, this year the garden, probably technology, and perhaps even a little bit about religion.

Today was a good day, we started the very first real planting of the season. We planted Giant Pumpkins with the boys, they helped me plant carrots and radishes too. Then I spent three hours turning the soil for our three sisters garden. I dug down about 6 inches and put all of the soil through a soil screen. Then lined the bed with newspaper. I screened in another load of manure and added that to the bed. I put all of the soil back in then added a about 2 inches of screened manure and peat moss to the top. The corn is in now, two per square foot (twenty two square feet), and there are five squash plants on the corners and one right in the middle. It's great to have some seeds in the ground.

We have sixteen tomato plants ready to go in early next week. There are four better boys, six early girls and six lemon boys. I am excited to get them in the ground too but everything I have read says that last frost is going to be a few weeks away. So we will wait a little longer.

We also planted basil; yellow, and green bush beans; bell peppers; three chilies; and some dill. All of those are in the little greenhouse inside. Hopefully they will sprout soon and we can get them in the soil too.

We got 30 russets down too. We did the potatoes in a "lasagna" bed which is a thick layer of newspaper, the potatoes and about 10 inches of hay on top. I hope to find more potatoes to put down soon, we may get some waxy potatoes like the reds that usually are harvested young or maybe even some Yukon Golds.

The berries that have been in "lasagna" beds for a couple of years seem to be really taking off this year. It will be fun to see how they turn out, and Bishop Gray has some more blackberries to move to our bramble.

Good day in the spring. It was fun to spend time in the garden today.

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